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Posted by: Hocken on 2016-08-07 11:53:41
RIP Mneika aka Phasoms.

Posted by: Spheric on 2012-10-11 07:38:22

Mists of Pan-daily-a

Mogu'shan Vaults took us an extra week to full clear on normal, in part because of some personnel issues (which we resolved but still cost us most of the first night of raiding), but also because it's the beginning of an expansion and a fight like Elegon is maybe a little bit overtuned for a 10 man normal mode (I don't think we did more than about 8-9 pulls on any other boss and ~20 on Elegon). Looking forward to heroics, though based on the way they seem tuned it looks like it will be more normal mode kills than heroic for the next several weeks at least.

Click for larger image.

So far I'd say the reaction to Mists within our group is mixed. Personally, I think this raiding tier (at least the first instance) is some of the better work they've done in a while, but not if you're melee. It's pretty disappointing that they continue to claim they want melee to be just as viable as ranged, and then put in fights like Elegon or the jasper chains on Stone Guard - yes, you can do them with melee but it's just a lot easier with ranged.

Outside of the raiding, I'd say we're less impressed overall with the expansion. The continent is cool and they did improve the game world with a ton of rare spawns and fun things to explore, but you don't really have time for any of that when you're doing ~2 hours of dailies every single day! In particular, the Sha of Anger implementation is one of the least intelligent design decisions they've made in a long time - on some realms he dies the instant he respawns and you're lucky to get the tap at all during the week (HAI KEL'THUZAD!) and on other realms he sits up all day long with no one able to kill him. Not to mention all of the problems with his respawn, untargetable mobs, etc...

In the end, all most of us really care about is the raid content, and so once we get past this first month or two and are freed from having to run dailies and heroics non-stop, I think this expansion has the potential to be the best yet (from a raiding perspective). Now if you'll excuse me, I have some motherfuckin crops to harvest!

Posted by: Spheric on 2012-03-01 23:39:50

Dragon Soul - 8/8H

Well then. Supposedly this fight was harder in 10m than Spine pre-nerf, but that's honestly a little hard to believe. According to DBM we pulled him a total of 21 times (5 of which ended in less than 1 minute), which is kind of sad for the final boss of an expansion. On the plus side, our raiding group is better than ever and we'll be in fantastic shape going in to Mists.

Click for a bigger image

Big shout outs to all our raiders:
- Soph and Wolv for being great tanks and putting up with being blamed for most of the wipes
- Rince and Feff for excellent healing and a willingness to constantly change specs
- Exkape, Mediq, Rngqtpi, Woody, Hel, Minerva, Reghame for being an excellent group of DPSers who are able to help formulate and perfect our strats.

This tier of raiding was pretty decent overall (though I truly despised Spine), but especially so because we finally were able to put together a truly strong progression raiding group that can bang out the content on a very casual schedule. Looking forward to Mists :D

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