That one time Pacifist beat Ministry to every boss in the game except 1 green dragon


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Posted by: Hocken on 2009-10-28 11:23:23

In an attempt to get last year's Christmas post off the front page before this year's Hanukkah comes up (we're now an exclusively gay-friendly Jewish guild) I asked everyone if they wanted to post a picture of their pets.

Here are the sort of boring results!




Dyno - Tootsie and Ginger

Exe's cat is high on life

Ezorah - Lillie loves bottles (further evidence)

Ezorah - Luna the bad kitty

Ezorah - Luna

Ezorah - Sadie

Team FLA - Mugsy

My kitties awww

My dumb cat hiding from the vacuum cleaner

Lexil's neglected fish named Pi (it's probably dead by now)

Mneika's kitty, having problems housebreaking

"the one on the right got eaten by a coyote on tuesday rip" -- Nexous

Mikey's pet horse Princess

Plumpy - You know what they call it when your dog wears a designer collar? 3 letters.

Soph - Marco and Polo

Tzeen - Anubis

Tzeen - Freja

Tzeen - Oden

Ultema - Sam the Mighty

Wuzzle - Sandy


Posted by: Hocken on 2008-12-23 06:08:29

Merry Anime Christmas

Hello ten people who read the front page of this website! I promised an update 5 months ago and here it is. For the most part nothing has changed; the same jerks are playing the same games in the same places, but some things have happened recently.

First off we must discuss Warhammer.

We judge our games based solely on beard stoutness and it's safe to say Warhammer had some potential. It even looked pretty cool at times but in reality Mythic spent a little too much time smoking up and forgot to play the game after level 20.

I made a very scientific scatter plot of how the level of fun to be found in Warhammer:

Most people are ready to hate on Warhammer for no reason these days, but I think it's totally worth playing... the first 20 levels... for the free 30 days. It had some great ideas like public quests, quest inventory, hybrid instanced/noninstanced dungeons (although PvE in that game is a total joke), queueing for BGs anywhere and being spit out where you started; a lot of little things that proved they are capable of improving on Warcraft much like Warcraft was simply a bunch of old ideas polished up when it was released. I have no doubt several of the little aspects of Warhammer that set it apart from other MMOs will be copied in the not so distant future.

Overall, Warhammer was an okay experience. We had a strong guild in the best alliance on the server and were dominating shit until everybody realized the game isn't very fun in the long term and quit.

So we find ourselves resigning back into playing WoW --a game which thanks to 4 years of fine tuning and polish by Blizzard has become a perfectly balanced game of entire instances being pulled, minimal farming, and streamlined gameplay. What a great game WoW is now a days!

My own experience with WOTLK so far has been being forced to buy a copy at gunpoint by Best Buy, almost getting kicked out of my own guild for whining and being an asshole, deleting my Hunter a day after turning 80 and rerolling, griefing Nexous out of being guild leader for the second time, and then being demoted to D team. Playing WoW again has been a rough start but I gotta admit WOTLK is pretty fun. You can come play with us in <Gear Doubt> on Gorefiend (H) if you love anime, are racist, and are a nerd virgin.

It's kind of funny, if we had another maybe 5 members who were pros, our little casual/alt Horde guild would be the best guild on Gorefiend. It's such a bad server full of bad kids; thankfully Gorefiend pros like Lichkingzalt and Killalliance are there to carry us in WG. The latest comedy trend is take fifteen dollars and flush it down the toilet by renaming and resexing your character. So far we have Butteslol (who deleted a 40 Warrior to free up that gem of a name), Retardedbaby, Animedesires, and, everyone's favorite, Moolatto. I guess that's what A team is forced to do when their entire raid forgets to show up for "all pro achievements Naxx".

Well I hope everyone on Kel'thuzad is having a good time and Happy Hanukkah to all.

guess what instance (click)

And there are many more on the media page:

That's all goodbye!


Posted by: Hocken on 2008-09-13 21:13:35

The World of Warhammer Online Craft

I've had some people ask me if we are planning to play Warhammer and on what server. We just decided that we're playing Order on Volkmar as Pacifist with a good group of around 20-30 people. One CE-enabled crew should be up and running tomorrow while the majority of us start later this week.

We chose Order because of scenario queue times and we chose Volkmar because there's no goons on it. I think the majority of us would prefer to play Destruction, but thankfully we learned our lesson about playing the wrong side of the ratio on KT as Alliance when queue times were sometimes hours on end. Hopefully this is a smart decision!

I imagine things will be quiet for a month or two as we decide if this game is worth playing. Stay tuned for a big update later!

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