That one time Pacifist beat Ministry to every boss in the game except 1 green dragon

More like passive aggressive

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Posted by: Hocken on 2007-03-29 19:21:04
This nerd died as promised.


Onto more SSC bosses!

PS I love trash so much I JUST CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF

Posted by: Hocken on 2007-03-29 06:36:21
Hydross is dead now.

Loot is here if you're into that kind of thing.

And then Magtheridon decided to bug out after an 18% wipe (blame the communists).

Magtheridon should die tonight.

PS I love trash so much personally I wish there was an entire instance that was just trash mobs on a 15 minute respawn and that they all randomly dropped agro and oneshot anyone without 20,000 AC every 5 seconds and please don't let them drop any good loot or even any gold cause who doesn't love killing extremely annoying trash over and over all night I mean don't you remember when we were talking about "What we want to see in TBC" I'm pretty sure this was very high on the list of requests we were all pretty disappointed when Naxx came out and the trash wasn't horribly annoying and it didn't respawn it was probably the biggest flaw in the instance I'm glad Blizzard is listening to the people who actually pay for and play their game and keeping great things like quickly respawning horribly annoying trash in the game for months on end thanks Blizz keep up the good work let me end this run on sentence with a great quote from Drysc:

"I think respawns are helpful in a way" -- Drysc in a deleted thread half archived at BlueTracker

Posted by: Hocken on 2007-02-28 20:59:03

Finally got this Dragonslayer down legit.

Okay, I'll admit it, when we killed him the first time we had a bugged version. He never did Ground Slam. But, for the record, the 2 attempts before this were on an unbugged version and were 20% and 10% so I think we were going to slay this guy regardless. At least we'll admit that we got a bugged version, unlike the other guild that killed him and has yet to repeat it.

Anyway, the fight is pretty stupid and needs to be changed. Nobody minds a little bit of luck and randomness in raid encounters, but this fight relies far too heavily on the random number generator.

Here are the meters for the kill as well:

Loot and raid makeup can be viewed here:

See ya in SC!

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