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Posted by: Hocken on 2007-02-28 20:59:03

Finally got this Dragonslayer down legit.

Okay, I'll admit it, when we killed him the first time we had a bugged version. He never did Ground Slam. But, for the record, the 2 attempts before this were on an unbugged version and were 20% and 10% so I think we were going to slay this guy regardless. At least we'll admit that we got a bugged version, unlike the other guild that killed him and has yet to repeat it.

Anyway, the fight is pretty stupid and needs to be changed. Nobody minds a little bit of luck and randomness in raid encounters, but this fight relies far too heavily on the random number generator.

Here are the meters for the kill as well:

Loot and raid makeup can be viewed here: http://pacifistguild.org/points/40/raids.cgi?action=raid_view&raid_id=1162

See ya in SC!

Posted by: Hocken on 2007-02-19 00:02:31

TBC has been pretty fun. Unfortunately, I never take any screenshots so I don't have a very good frontpage update for you. And Trailmix aka Jallinya went all emo and quit the game so we won't have his wonderful front page updates anymore.

We have been spending most of our time in heroics and Karazhan. We killed Nightbane and got some ok shield and some terrible robes:

Next week is 100% Gruul since a terrible guild which will remain nameless on our server killed him before us and hasn't shut up about it for like a week. You people don't know how annoying it is to have a guild entirely composed of 12 year olds as our main competition on the server.

Anyway, we will get him down and the next update will be his dead corpse plus some lol-we're-8manning-SC

Posted by: Jallinya on 2006-12-26 15:26:38
Ye Olde Pacifiste Informatione Kioske

Some quotes from the last few months:

Hocken == Bu$$$h == Hitler???


Some quotes are just better with chat bubbles.

There will be something better posted eventually.

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