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Posted by: Spheric on 2012-03-01 23:39:50

Dragon Soul - 8/8H

Well then. Supposedly this fight was harder in 10m than Spine pre-nerf, but that's honestly a little hard to believe. According to DBM we pulled him a total of 21 times (5 of which ended in less than 1 minute), which is kind of sad for the final boss of an expansion. On the plus side, our raiding group is better than ever and we'll be in fantastic shape going in to Mists.

Click for a bigger image

Big shout outs to all our raiders:
- Soph and Wolv for being great tanks and putting up with being blamed for most of the wipes
- Rince and Feff for excellent healing and a willingness to constantly change specs
- Exkape, Mediq, Rngqtpi, Woody, Hel, Minerva, Reghame for being an excellent group of DPSers who are able to help formulate and perfect our strats.

This tier of raiding was pretty decent overall (though I truly despised Spine), but especially so because we finally were able to put together a truly strong progression raiding group that can bang out the content on a very casual schedule. Looking forward to Mists :D

Posted by: Spheric on 2012-02-24 11:08:29

Dragon Soul - 7/8H

First let me say this: fuck this fight. Seriously. There are maybe 1-2 fights in all of WoW that I truly dislike based on the design, and Spine quickly became #1 by a wide margin. This fight is just a boring grind for the majority of the group, with a huge amount of pressure put on your tanks to play pretty much error-free for 10-12 minutes straight. If the fight were just 'hard' that would be fine, but it's incredibly boring for most of the raid for the first 9 minutes, and then insanely intense for 90 seconds. Either way, I'm very glad we managed this before the next tier of nerfs - finding the right strat for our class composition, changing personnel (welcome back Rng and Wolv), and a few other factors definitely stalled us on this fight, but I'm relieved it's over and given that the last attempts before the kill were just as under control and well-executed as the final one (separated only by some rng and cooldown management) makes me feel good that we worked hard and perfected a repeatable strat.

Looking forward to smashing Deathwing next week and putting this progression tier to rest. More on that after the kill though. Awesome work by our whole group on this one - and another thank you to the guys who unfortunately were sitting for the first kill (Hel, Gooddemons, Helistra)!

Enjoy this video:

Posted by: Spheric on 2012-01-31 21:35:54

Dragon Soul - 6/8H

Well losing our highest DPS to a hacker and one of our tanks to RL issues was pretty lame, and definitely stalled our progress. We've got some great recruits in though and are back on the progress train. The nerf this week was more noticeable in some places than others, and that combined with some good practice and sub-5% wipes last week on Gunship resulted in our rolling in and one-shotting it tonight :)

Welcome to our new guys (even if our new druid did die to the first stun on P2 and made us 9 man our first Blackhorn kill :P) Now the fun begins on Spine, though I'm sure with the nerfs we'll be working on Madness sooner than later...

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