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Posted by: Hocken on 2006-07-19 17:14:53
Many people first visited our website looking for strategies to kill Onyxia and Ragnaros. Try Googling for Onyxia or Ragnaros!

When less than 30 guilds world-wide had killed Onyxia (March '05), we decided to give it a try. This was before we even had 40 members in our guild. Pacifist and The Goon Squad combined forces and spent 4 nights in a row wiping for hours on end trying to figure out the fight. Remember, this was long before much information was available publicly about Onyxia.

We had a problem with people needing to get caught up on what our current strategy was. We were sick of explaining it to everyone over and over on a nightly basis. So I started compiling what we knew about the fight and what our strategy was into the first edition of the Onyxia guide. Eventually, we killed her, I polished off the guide with some fancy screenshots, post it on our website, and thousands of people have found it useful since then.

The Ragnaros guide was more of a side project that people were just bugging me to do. It gets about as many hits as the Onyxia guide these days, so I can only assume that people are finding it useful.

About 6 months ago I got an email from someone at BradyGames. They told me that a Dungeon/Instance guide was in the works and they were interested in using my Onyxia guide in their book. This sounded like a very rare opportunity, so I jumped on it. After a few weeks of formatting and editing the Onyxia guide to meet their requirements, it was ready to go. The Onyxia guide was going to be in print!

Then I offered to write a complete BWL guide. This was something I had sort of wanted to do and publish for free like the Onyxia/Ragnaros guides, but having the chance to write it for publication in a book was much more appealing.

After a month or so of work, the first revision of the BWL guide was ready to go. It went through many editing passes and came out to be a top notch BWL guide that covers everything about the instance and should help a lot of guilds by providing thorough, accurate information on every fight.

I also offered to write quick guides on all the outdoor dragons (Lethon, Emeriss, Taerar, and Ysondre), which you can find in the book.

Most importantly, I got the chance to edit the entire guide cover to cover. I can promise you that 99% of the information in this guide is correct, thorough, well presented, and top quality. I have read the entire thing and sincerely suggest picking it up if you have ever wanted a complete instance guide at your fingertips. It is a high quality publication.


If you have any questions on anything in this guide, I will be more than happy to help. Just make a post in our Public Chat Forum and someone will help you!

Posted by: Hocken on 2006-07-14 09:34:02
After 16 hours of server downtime on Wednesday (bringing us to about 4-5 days we have missed in Naxx thanks to server issues), we killed Gluth after a few tries:

(Click for loot)

Posted by: Hocken on 2006-07-11 23:48:24
After a few nights of wiping with a strategy that would work perfectly with 0ms lag but is otherwise a waste of time, we relearned Patchwerk and completely destroyed him on our second try this evening.

I took a movie of the fight as well:

5:50 Patchwerk kill movie from Priest view

And here is a 9% wipe video from a Mage's view the previous night if you like watching these.

Then it was off to Grobbulus who basically handed us free purples after 3 tries:

It wasn't exactly a very clean kill...

We worked on Gluth for a couple hours and should kill him tomorrow night after several 20%ish wipes due to noobery.

Check out this waterfall of tears

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