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Posted by: Jallinya on 2006-06-21 01:50:45
Naxxramas - Day 1 (6-20-06):

Death Knight Wing:

Quite possibly one of the best mob concepts in the game.

With the severe amount of brutal AE in this wing, our rogues have resorted to the following stellar raid participation.

This was the most we got to see of this guy, then we got zerged down by his event for the next hour. No pictures of that because I was too busy being a terrible warrior!

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More tomorrow!

Posted by: Hocken on 2006-06-02 20:42:45
After about a month of farming C'thun and completely ignoring Viscidus, we decided to invest the time and potions needed to drop him at least once before the patch. We called in the alt Mages, pointed the Nasbin signal at the sky, spent a couple days practicing the fight, and killed him on our 3rd serious attempt with potions.

Step 1: Flask entire raid

Step 2: Stack raid to your advantage

We got some crappy Paladin gloves.

Sort of a fun fight, I suppose. It's sad you have to use so many consumables to kill him. While we were practicing, before we used any potions, we could shatter him 3 times before every healer was completely spent on mana. And even then we had a handful of people dead for various reasons. When you use potions you shouldn't really lose anybody and the fight becomes rather easy. They make that big of a difference.

Here is a video:


And that is Kel'thuzad's first 100% clear AQ40. Not sure why nobody else is working on this guy.......

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Posted by: Hocken on 2006-04-29 17:34:04

I have been whining a lot in guild chat about how much I hate this fight so tonight I shut up entirely and we managed to kill him.

Loot and such:

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