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Posted by: Hocken on 2006-03-02 22:38:11


That is, by far, the most intense fight that we've seen so far. After about 5-6 nights of wiping, usually because one person makes one mistake, we finally dominated this dynamic duo with an exceptionally clean kill (1 death!). It will be a very sad day when Blizz nerfs this fight to hell.

Onto Ouro who owned us.

C'thun pretty much oneshot our entire raid before we even entered the room.

We're heading back tomorrow night to learn what we can about C'thun!

Last, but far from least, This is the best video you will ever see

Posted by: Jallinya on 2006-02-24 00:20:01
Pacifist's Update of Sunshine and Happiness - Sponsored by Sitizen

First, I lied; I was going to make an update about how we love Brazil, but this had to come first. With that said: it has come to my attention that my last update, entertaining as it may or may not have been, came across as a little hostile. The way it was expressed to me was, by Sitizen specifically was "When I was reading through the update, I was just waiting for you to focus on someone of the guild and flip out on them and then quit again". I took that to heart so I thought "Well I will counter all the anger with unbridled benevolence and love :)". I suppose this will be the pattern of updates, since former updates were nice, followed by angry updates. So, what has to be said? Lets get to know the good side of the guild members; this is intended for all those people that aren't actually in the guild who read the webpage, so you can look up to them even more. By the way, if you think this is narcissistic, go shove a cactus down your urethra <3.

And, as a disclaimer, I could probably write a blurb about every member of the guild, but I don't have the dedication right now to write aaaaaaaallllllllll of that, but belive you me, I could. Send me a tell when I'm in a good mood and I'll tell you why I love you if I haven't mentioned you here. :)

Members that are awesome:

Ntume Honestly, how can anyone get better than Ntume? This guy was so die-hard dedicated to the guild back when he had the time and the means, and he still pulling more than his weight when he gets to raid with us. It's a sad thing for the guild that he has to dedicate so much time to school, but everyone understand the priorities :). And, not to mention all the awesome things he says; he's got to be the most genuinly funny guy in the guild. He doesn't have to use lame insults (like me) to be funny, he just IS funny! A guild couldn't ask for more.

Danger Most importantly, he keeps it real. And I don't mean it in the gimmicky comedy way; he is honest and straight about everything, even if he opinion is unpopular. There is too much bullshit too often, and this guy sees it and calls it, which is often quite beneficial to keep the guild clean and functioning like it should. Also, heavily pioneering the whole dual wield fury thing, because those whiney rogues can live without a CTS.

Ultema One thing needs to be said: when he gets a Crossbow of Smiting and if hunter shots aren't normalized, everyone is so fucked in PvP. If you think Arcus is bad news, just wait...

Roirraw If you're up at 3am and you just absolutely need to get your Stratholme fix, he is the go to guy. This man has redefined hard core MMO player in my book, and is swift as hell to boot. As a recently promoted officer, I'd say he was a perfect choice, and has been doing his job with flying colors. Just enough craziness that is perfect for the guild.

Members that NEED to be spoken for:

The only section that I feel needs an into; I've noticed quite often that the people who don't speak up can be some of the greatest people around, but you don't know it because you don't hear them. I've tried to be a good officer and payattention to those people, and I atleast want to say something for them.

Graffias He is quiet, he is pro, and he is an all around killer rogues who does his thing, does it well, and doesn't ever complain about anything. Generally people will have problems, and venting within reason is all good, but if you can simply just deal, and still be a good consistent player, then that is above and beyond. Officers love players like this :).

Artymes One of those few awesome druids out there who will never ever geta complaint about how he is healing. You barely know it because generallypeople only know a healer by how they don't heal them; I say Artymes is one of those who should be known for the contrary. Another one of those peoplethat any officer would love, and you'd never hear anything bad about or from!

Hel Who doesn't love Hel? Hel is like the most level headed and reasonable person in the entire guild. If you think you are more reasonable, then you technically can't be because you're being unreasonable! SO THERE. But lets not get side tracked. When you can: have an absolutely decked out character, be an officer in a succesful guild, and have your own vent channel with simple your name on it, and do all of it with barely a word spoken, you rock.

Members that are dedicated pros:

Redstar Ya, the bane of the server (at one time); I will readily say is one of the best members of the guild. Even if he will put thorns in your side, he is one of the longest standing hard core raiders this guild has seen. He is one of those names that I will generally see in every raid in some form or another, and consistency like that is admired greatly. Not to mention, it simply wouldn't be Pacifist without Redstar.

Nexous Jerk? Ya, maybe. Pro? Undoubtable. Lovable? Oh yes he can be <3. One of the originals, just like myself, he has been helping the guild since day one. Even if he is grumpy, his ability to play his class above and beyond nearly everyone on this server has been an undeniable asset to the guild's raid progress, as well as his ability to write scripts on the fly that were crucial to use beating encounters like Ragnaros before mods like CTRaid did it for you. So much has come from this guy, and we all love it.

Hocken I mean, duh, come on. He has given an arm and a leg for this guild, and if there is ever a question of "how did Pacifist get where it is?", many times the answer can be directed at him. So it so often goes with out saying, but thank you for everything you've done, and provided for this guild to do as well as it has.

And finally, some quick mentions to people who add that special flavor to the guild:
Mneika and the shit he says
Rithriaem and the shit he says (technicality)
Katithra and his sigh
Spoon and his... it can't even be explained
Moloko and his bird
Andromanche and his sister
Tzeen and his sister (technicality again, blow me)
Hazardous and his fashion sense
Sitizen and his wise ass
Lexil and his delusion of hunter importance
Kahlan and never knowing what he is talking about
Wuzzle and his silence AND his rage
Suparslam and his name
Mikey/c and his affinity to stoutness
Bankifist and all that hard work he does

If you haven't been mentioned, it's not because I don't love you, but simple because I wasted all my clever on the people before! This guild kicks ass, and I am very proud to be a part of it. And, finally, what would a frontpage update be without pictures!?

Posted by: Hocken on 2006-02-23 08:23:00
Well AQ opened 4 days ago and just incase anyone was wondering:

This fight is hard, requiring extremely precise planning and execution, and should be a major cockblock to all of the guilds that blew through the first 4 bosses that are extremely easy in comparison. Princess is pretty much what happens when Roirraw plays Venomancer with a Blink Dagger.

We got a few wipes in on the Twin Emperors and should start working on them seriously this evening.

If you haven't read it yet, go check out Jallinya's extremely offensive update below. It's pretty funny (assuming you aren't easily offended!).

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