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Posted by: Jallinya on 2006-02-11 20:18:19
Schwa - One of Pacifist's Best Members

Why am I doing an update like this? What decided that Schwa is the best member? How can YOU be the one of the best members of the guild? Well I'll answer the first but and sort of ignore the other two for this update but you can ask me about it in a tell and I'll gladly tell you why Schwa is better than you. What's even better though is how Schwa got into the guild. But I'll save that for another day of mockery... or love.

This is why: on vent I yelled at Schwa one night and said "I hate you so fucking much" and probably some other things and he sounded sort of sad about it, and instead of being a good, mature officer I just sort of forgot about it, but let me tell you, it has been haunting me lately. So what did I do? I thought about the reason that I really like Schwa, and how awesome he is over all and that great stuff he does for the guild. I've compiled a relatively valid list of all the reasons that this man is THE fuckin man.

1.) He refers to Perdition's Blade as "Perds" or maybe even "Perdz". As if he talks about it enough in real life or something - that is some fucking dedication right there. It was so cute to listen to him explain to Hocken how great Perds was, when Hocken has just loot whored his alt out of MC with a Core Hound Tooth AND a Perdition's Blade (that's old news though). He is undoubtably one of the suit-wearers of the guild, and we should all pay respect and homage accordingly. If I wore a suit I know I'd be telling my mmo-nerd co-worker how fucking great my Spinal Reaper is, but I don't play enough to justify such professionalism.

2.) His name is Nuts. His NAME is NUTS. How sweet is that? It's fuckin sweet. You've got guild mates that are boring shit like Matt, Tyler, Richard; his name is Nuts. That's awesome, ok? But don't fucking bug him about it unless you are a hot WoW girl lookin for a sweet time. He likes mormon sluts I heard. It was like, something about spitting blood on them and screaming demonic or possibly satanic phrases at them after intercourse. I don't know if that's true or not, but I think he picked it up from Hocken. That guy likes his weird fetishes, and he also LOVES hearing about other people's weird fetishes. Make sure to send him a tell in game or a private message on the forums :).

3.) How could you possibly NOT love Schwa? I mean come on, look at this fucking card.

4.) This was all just a farce for me to apologize in the most over-done and unnecesary way to Schwa because he is a good guy and all that.

5.) He lives in Utah or something and HATES the people there! IF NOTHING BEFORE HAS CONVINCED YOU THIS HAS TO. Actually like half the fucking guildis from Utah or something which is pretty gross in itself. And he likes wacko 80s music. Like remixes of "Take on me" done with a hokey techno beator something like that. I will admit though that Tyler stabbed him in the back on this one, so take it as you will.

I dunno what else to say so here are some pictures.

Fuck Arathi Basin

Fuck graphical bugs


Posted by: Jallinya on 2006-02-02 01:37:13
How the Mighty Have Fallen
(And the Burning Phoenix That Rose From the Ashes as the Wind Blew the Champion's Remains Across The Darkened Mountain Side Under the Ominous Moon Light)

The news, sadening as it may be, has been kept secret for weeks now. Emotions have been tried, tears have been cried, and Katithra has sighed. Now it is time for the public to know what will become of the most wicked awesome guild on the server. The end is at hand - Pacifist will be disbanding within a matter of days, primarily to rekindle, and give rise to the once, and again powerful Fancy Pants Posse. Once more, the players of Kel'Thuzad will adorn themselves in dapper pantaloons, miraculous slacks, and bell bottoms so fucking retro that even Hocken's mind will be blown.

Pacifist had a good run and all, but the time has come, and much more significant things must be focused on. Certain pant-dissenters have caused the recent rift in the guild, which is unavoidable over time in any large community, the ones with good pant taste will form into their own clique.

Possibly with various assorted jewelry adorning their slacks, or possibly even pockets to hold such accessories as cups covered in jewelry or maybe even watches covered in jewelry. Most important is the pants that hold the jewelry and cell phones and all that other shit.

On the other hand, the others will form a shabby-pants union to support their assorted burlab or twill pants, possibly even a loin cloth to passively state their protest.

These dregs of society express ill behavior with one another, premiscuous behavior being the largest contributed to overpopulation on the servers today. Wonder why there are queue lines? Ya, this is why:

Word of the Second Coming of the F.P.P. is already spreading like a wild fire through your sister's dirty snatch. Some bullshit was here but I deleted it so ignore this sentence.
Really though tell your greasy friends about this that Pacifist is dying and Fancy Pants Posse is coming up in their place, the whole god damned server should know.

Some may question the necessity of pants being fancy, but we all must remember that such extravagant garments were designed with that very intent. Don't believe it? God said it, not me.


Now on to the more generic update!

A tactful observation about our officers

Insight we all needed

We’re going to miss you :(

The text is like, GREEN, MAN!

A guild led by professionals.

Speaking of pros

PVP Tanking

PVP Hunting?

Ways to keep MC entertaining

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The ladies know where the good are.

Ways to keep BWL entertaining

Now, this actually happened one night. If this doesn’t prove Dyno is the best rogue on the server, I don’t know what will.

Thanks to the aspiring movie directory Montgomery, Danger is now staring in a new movie!
Link provided below.

Die Die my Danger

Finally, here are some links to AQ opening for the douches who care about that stuff:

Gate Event

Beating Eranikus

I have no idea what this is but Mneika is a faggot

Posted by: Hocken on 2006-01-29 09:03:02

Pacifist is recruiting a few people in preperation for AQ40.

Please read this thread for more information:


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