That one time Pacifist beat Ministry to every boss in the game except 1 green dragon


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Posted by: Jallinya on 2005-09-21 00:30:17
This update is simply pictures of Chromaggus, with 100% less exploits!


Posted by: Hocken on 2005-09-18 14:31:51


ZG is a very fun zone. The boss fights are unique and well thought out, the diffulculty is about where it should be, and, well, who can argue with ez purplez, right?

Brutus got a cool mace:

Jin'do's Hexxer

Redstar's alt got a nice polearm:

Halberd of Smiting


Figuring out the Hakkar gimmick was really cool. The fight was pretty challenging and took like 10 minutes.

And Kahlan finally can fulfill his dreams of destroying worlds:

Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds

Then it was back to BWL and we picked up a couple gems:

Dragonfang Blade

Claw of the Black Drake

Having a farmer in the guild is probably the best thing that's happened to us:

We never posted a screenshot of Sulfuras :(


Finally, I present 2 cool screenshots

Posted by: Hocken on 2005-09-12 22:08:47

After 200+ hours and thousands of gold, we didn't really care that the 2nd to last boss in a 2 month old instance was still broken. He needed to die.

I expect the 1.7 Chromaggus will not be the last revision of him either.

Anyway, Nefarian's Lair is pretty awesome.

I took a video just running around his Lair you can get here.

And the actual spawning of him and fight is at:;4125384;;/fileinfo.html

In other news, here is the video of us playing a game of chess on the BWL tiles:;4125264;;/fileinfo.html

All videos are encoded using Xvid.

See ya in ZG tomorrow.

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