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Posted by: Hocken on 2005-08-09 03:23:01

This website has been taken over by China

Posted by: Taliababa on 2005-08-03 09:08:59
Pacifist's "Win a Trip to Full MC" Caption Contest!

Have you ever dreamed of going to a full Molten Core run, but never had the chance? Now, you do! Pacifist is proud to annouce a new and exciting contest! "Win A Trip to Full MC"!

The lucky winner will be invited to a full Molten Core run hosted by Pacifist! You'll get to see Molten Core Giants, the fearful Lava Packs and even Ragnaros himself!

"What do I have to do?" you ask! Search no more! All you have to do is write witty captions in the speech bubbles of your favorite Paci care bears; Redstar and Rithriaem!

Check out our public forums, under the thread: 'Official "Win a Trip to Full MC" Thread' - Details are inside!

Posted by: Jallinya on 2005-08-03 03:17:12
Thistle Tea, and the Lives it Ruins

This is Dyno, undead rogue extraordinaire, but in a state that you may not often see. For those who do not know Dyno closely, he has what he would call a "need" to be with the next level of rogues; Thistle Tea, also known as Double T, Pleasure Stab, C.D. Rush, or White Zing. As seen here, Dyno's possessions consist merely of Thistle in it's raw form, an abudant stock of Thistle Tea, depressant poisons in the event of an overdose, and pipes for other various drugs.

The worst part about the insidious tea is the absolute simplicity in creating it: the most ordinary water, and the leaves combine to a stimulant that effects so much more than one's energy. Thistle Tea, upon entering one's system, creates a massive rush of energy; euphoric and orgasmic as described by ex-Thistle Tea users. But what they don't feel is the massive addiction that Thistle Tea builds during it's "rush". Once it is consumed when one is exhausted, they feel the need for this burst of energy any time they are the least bit winded.

The best hopes to start a Thistle Tea user on the path to quitting is intervention; letting them know that a friend will be there for them, but they must accept what they are doing first. As seen here, the foul best Relg is attempting to stop Dyno from shamelessly creating the drug out in public.

Persistence is the key, even in the assured case of denial by the user.

Support is the key to breaking their addiction. In many situations, with group intervention, the drugs effects can be culled, but heavy interaction is required for results to be seen. In the event that the user is left alone for too long, such as Dyno's case.

We all must acknowledge how powerful the tea's addictive capability is; users begin living "life on the edge", with no concern for their well being, and will consume this vile concoction even in the event of being as energetic as ever. They become "wired" at all times; aggresive, reckless, and even in some cases...


If all support is rejected, the user may almost become a lost cause; insanity soon sets in and the user loses all regard for what their life may have formerly been, as seen below.

And sadly, their wicked tea is still needed every moment of their life there after.

Thistle Tea is dangerous, plain and simple. Keep your friends away from it, unless you want them to eat you, pretty much.


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