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Posted by: Hocken on 2005-07-12 04:44:39
I finally ran out of things to do and wrote a guide on killing Ragnaros that is very simular to the popular Onyxia killing guide (that was recently updated!). The purpose of this guide is to help people who are trying their best without making much progress. You can read as many howtos and guides as you want and you will learn some things but nothing replaces experience. The key to killing any boss in WoW is having a general idea of what to do and the patience to practice until you do it correctly.

How to kill Ragnaros

5man UBRS is actually pretty fun.

Two Finkles what?!

Our officers are very smart and mature people.

Ntume is probably the coolest person in the guild.

That's pretty hot.

Jalia demands perfection.

Haha, stupid paladins.

Posted by: Taliababa on 2005-06-23 15:00:10

I hope talia doesn't notice that I cropped his image

Posted by: Hocken on 2005-06-22 00:18:45
Rag v3.0 down, finally.

I knew it was going to be a good night becuase Ntume was acting up:

So we got him to like 48% before sons, which really sucks, but we had everyone alive and took them down pretty quickly. Maybe 2-3 people dead when they were done.

Then it got interesting. Our DPS continued to suck and we had a 2nd wave of sons come with Rag at 1%. We didn't have the people or mana to handle a second wave of sons, so we kept them feared and banished for a minute and a half.

Rag popped with like 6 sons running around and Siana soloed him down for us:

Congrats to Banana Syndicate for their 3rd 1% Rag wipe! ;)

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