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Posted by: Hocken on 2005-06-21 12:28:23
Battle For Guild Supremacy - 5v5 Tournament

Introduction (only read if you are bored):

Well, another round of updates is complete and although BG was a refreshing change of pace our server's population is starting to get burnt out with WoW once again. One aspect of the game that still does not fail to entertain me is the competition. Not just any competition, but competition against two evenly matched skilled opponents.

We all know that there are some great guilds each with their own respective skilled players. But have you ever wondered which guild is truly better? Proper guild versus guild encounters are scarce in WoW and if they do occur it is sometimes followed by a slew of excuses and some sort of grudge. You hear stories about how Guild A dominated Guild B in PvP only to loose to Guild C which in later lost to Guild A. Then you have someone in Guild A say: "but we did not have our all-star team together" or "goddamn cheap ghostwolf shaman with flag sh1t!". Additionally, guilds of the same faction virtually never get to fight each other. (NOTE: this tournament will NOT really determine who is BETTER or the BEST but it will show skill)

Now is the time to determine which guild reigns supreme in all of Kel'Thuzad. No excuses! Just skill, strategy, coordination, and more skill!

(drum roll...)

Its the Kel'Thuzad 5-vs-5 Guild Battle!

General Information--

Time: Saturday, June 25 @ 6:00pm server time
Location: Gurubashi Arena, Stranglethorn Vale

All guilds are encouraged to participate!


1. Each team consists of 5 players from the same guild.
2. An individual player can only be in one team.
3. Single Elimination brackets ending in a best of 3 finals.


1. Register with Immortality via in-game chat, ventrilo, and/or mIRC.
2. There is an entry gold of 25g per team translating to 5g per person (what do you use gold for anyway?).
3. Brackets are not fixed till registration closes and will be posted at: TBA (click on a team to view its members).
4. Registration officially ends at noon server time Satuday, June 25.
5. Registration for Horde is NOT open yet. Re-check this post soon for details on how to register your horde team.


1. Winning team takes all.
2. 100% of all entry fees will go towards the grand prize.
3. Donations are greatly appreciated. Please contact Immortality to arrange transfer of funds. Upon recieving your donation your name will be added to the prestigous list of sponsors.
4. Immortality will be supplementing the grand prize with 100g.

Rules (subject to change)--


1. All natural class specific and racial skills with timers of 29 minutes or less.
2. Class specific "boosts" used by their respective creators (ONLY warlocks can use spellstones, healthstones etc).
3. Any type of stone created by blacksmiths for use on weapons.
4. Thistle tea and rogue poisins.
5. Any trinket or item that has a "Use: ..." with a timer of 29 mintues or less.
6. Bandaids.

NOT allowed (includes exceptions to the allowed list):

1. Any item created by engineers with the exception of armor that has NO use.
2. Blacksmithing trinkets.
3. All forms of ressurection.
4. ALL potions, elixers, anti-venom/poison/magic/disease consumables, and flasks.
5. Any extraneous buffs. These include any type of buff that is not from a teammate's natural class specific skill (ex. wel-fed, Felwood plants, Dire Maul buffs, Onyxia buffs).
6. Eating or drinking after a round has begun.

Posted by: Jallinya on 2005-06-19 03:13:59
This is probably the gayest update ever, but I hate to put them in a forum post for the ungodly amount of images. Behold

Posted by: Jallinya on 2005-06-12 20:39:04

This is what officer chat is really used for.

These three pictures I proudly present from A REAL LIFE GIRL.

Go sister, soul sister.

Nerd overload.

Hocken still having trouble.


Look, Hocken is stoned again!


How we miss this great man.

You tell me.

Who didn't?

Yes, he was still in the raid.


Burned as much as he dies in MC!




The best spelling of Pacifist I've ever seen in my life.

I'll do farmers next time I update. It's a really good update!

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