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Posted by: Naffer on 2005-06-12 20:14:33
Pacifist has earned a repuation as a hardcore raiding guild, and rightfully so. Our members have spent countless hours wiping to raid bosses, discussing strategy, and talking about Tzeen's hot sister. But sometimes we get caught up too much in raiding, and forget that the primary purpose of this game is to have fun. As such, we're mellowing out a bit these next few weeks on our Ragnaros tries, giving our members some time to tear it up in battlegrounds or enjoy their online time in other ways.
  I hate to admit it, but I was one of those trammel nerds who would spend hours playing dress up and decorating my house. WoW doesn't really provide much in these areas, but it does sport some amazing visuals.

Every played early in the morning? Theramore sure looks awesome with the sun just barely rising over western Kalimdor.

Posted by: Hocken on 2005-06-08 00:41:50
New MC loot today:

Oh, and one of these for good measure:

Grats Jal.

5 or 6 BoEs too. Maybe droprate upped?

Posted by: Jallinya on 2005-06-03 15:17:05
There are times when people must rely on one hero; one champion to guide them to victory, salvation, or freedom. A rare occasion when a champion of this magnitude will selflessly put themselves before all other people, with regard only for the cause that must be achieved. A vindicator of such constitution lives on through the people they battled for, their names echoing through history books and stories for ages to come. Their zeal portrayed through one retelling these stories can be felt fervently through the listeners just with the shout of that name.

Our champion's name... is Trailmix

We've all seen the stupid "Oh man look at our progress in Molten Core" shit updates, so I bring you something different: the shit you don't usually see in Molten Core. When we did MC this week I finally got to bring my stupid warrior for bosses, so I decided to do some shit that I never have seen done and make an update about it. Here is how to beat the core hound packs correctly:

Good god, look at that damage. Yes, that is a Ravager. Make sure to ask Jalia how good the Ravager is, and he can tell you many stories of the wonderful times he's had with it.

I also decided to help the raid with crowd control the best way a warrior can. Observe:

How awesome is that shit? Coming nextweek, I'll have a picture of Golemagg judged. If not that, then a molten giant!

So now about shit that isn't Trailmix. Pillin tried to burn me with his hurricane madness, but possibly to his dismay, I was actually taking a sweet picture of him using it on Sulfuron.

Here's some more hot hot hurricane action:

And just to make sure everyone knows.

This isn't from this week, but it was fucking sweet none the less:

I was bummed we didn't wipe to his warstop or something cool like that, because that'd make for an even better screenshot.

Here is what happens when someone is new to how main assisting works. Also because it's Hellsting.

This sure looks weird:

Before we tried Sylvanas again we killed time in Southshore doing this:

And finally, I miss the Fortis friendship oh-so-much. :(

Coming up next week: funny quotes said inside the guild and old screenshots!

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