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Posted by: Spheric on 2011-08-26 13:05:38

Heroic Alysrazor

Pretty straightforward fight, though wiping to the elements that are unchanged from the normal mode we've been doing for 2 months is not a lot of fun. Three deaths on our kill attempt is pretty indicative of how this fight went, but I'm hopeful things improve each week :P

All told if we hadn't gotten stuck on Rhyolith for weeks (largely due to our composition and plenty of internet/computer problems) we'd have been 5/7 a long time ago - 1-shotting H Beth this week when no other 10m has killed it yet on KT felt good. Hopefully Bale goes down on Sunday. Also...

Posted by: Spheric on 2011-08-21 23:23:06

Heroic Majordomo

Another week of sweet computer problems and connectivity issues. Good times - either way, some decent progress on Baleroc and a pretty straightforward kill on Domo.

Posted by: Spheric on 2011-08-14 21:22:39

Heroic Bethtilac

Back on track! A fun fight that's "easy" for rogues ;) The obnoxious mechanics of the broodlings on top of having to use Clear wireless internet made the hunter job a bit of an adventure, but otherwise a pretty straightforward fight. Kill came on only our 4th time in P2.

I assure you, there's a boss behind all this crap. P.S. - If you have a dragon kite to sell we have someone who may be able to make you a sweet offer...

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