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Posted by: Spheric on 2010-05-14 00:24:48

ICC Complete (Mostly)

11/12 Hard modes completed and a wyrms complete. We actually finished our hard modes a couple weeks ago, and as you can see in the screenshot most of us finished our wyrms last week, but wanted to wait until the majority of the guild had theirs completed before throwing up a front page update.

All that's left now is Lich King heroic and we're likely going to just relax for a bit and start working on him seriously in a couple weeks. For now it's pretty nice to have this zone on farm and a 2 hour or so clear - ICC certainly wasn't my favorite instance of all-time, but it definitely had its moments, and the Lich King fight was definitely a fitting encounter for a character that important to the lore. Looking forward to wiping and nerd raging on his true form soon.

Posted by: Spheric on 2010-03-14 23:23:59

ICC Progression 2.0

Working our way back through this zone. Certainly a pretty big range in terms of difficulty - some of the fights we're killing on our second pull, some we're spending a couple hours learning. Overall it's been fairly enjoyable though the mechanic changes of some of the fights have been kind of a headache (just heal harder!)

Posted by: Spheric on 2010-02-22 22:26:47

Arthas: Lich Slapped

Very glad to have finished this bastard off after a couple weeks of changing personnel and a very annoying 2% (12%) wipe. A fun and intricate fight, sadly the loot for normal 10 man is lacking for our group (2x Staff that went to offspec and minor upgrade). Looking forward to, finally, starting heroic modes this week.

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